Versatile, results-driven professional with 4+ years of comprehensive management and human resource experience developing lasting relationships with clients, staff, and senior management to provide exceptional service. Proven ability to combine vision, ingenuity, and strong business acumen with strong leadership and personnel management skills to support and adapt to evolving industry trends. A dedicated professional with the drive and skill-set to excel in a fast-paced leadership role enhancing a company’s ability to recruit, select, and develop top-tier talent.

Human resources management • Team building and leadership • Budget and payroll administration • Risk analysis and management • HRIS platforms • Staff development and retention • Verbal/written communication • Organizational skills • Project management • Analytical thinking • Policy and procedure • Strategic business planning • Marketing communications • Campaign management • SEO



December 2016 - Present

As the Talent and Development manager, I overhauled the store’s recruitment, selection, and development processes for all seasonal, part-time, and full-time hires. I was able to establish a comprehensive recruitment, selection, and development system, and restructure the team, thus improving employee retention by 30%. In the absence of the General Manager, I assumed all Manager-on-Duty responsibilities for store operations. I also recruited, selected, and developed two full-time managers into their respective roles to drive sales, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and operational capabilities.

  • Implemented systems to track sales progress, staff productivity, and staff training levels, all of which are now used on a district-wide basis.

  • Increased operational efficiency by 70% and improved customer satisfaction levels by 90%.

  • Managed weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales expectations and drove the team to exceed targets.

  • Administered budget and payroll expectations to ensure store profitability.

  • Ensured timely distribution of all new policy and procedural updates to staff and management.

  • Created schedules two weeks in advance for a 30+ member team, utilizing all financial and staffing reports to ensure proper sales floor and operational coverage.

  • Management member of the JHSC; reduced overall store incidents and usage of first-aid products by 60%

  • Created a compelling product and visual merchandising story for our customers.

  • Assisted in the store’s community outreach program which contributed over 100+ volunteer hours in 2017.


July 2018 - Present

As Sonia Faruqi’s Marketing Manager, I contacted various aquariums, bookstores, podcasts, and literary festivals, and booked Sonia as a featured guest in speaking engagements across Canada and the United States. Along with recruiting several sponsors and partners to help with the promotion of her novel, I was also able to obtain advance praise for The Oyster Thief from Jodi Picoult, author of My Sister’s Keeper, and Dr. Sylvia Earle, the world’s foremost ocean scientist and National Geographic explorer-in-residence.

  •  Contacted film and literary agents to promote her novel and debut screenplay.

  • Created an engaging online presence through the use of social media, generating interest and buzz for Sonia in the weeks leading up to the release of her novel.

  • Utilized bloggers and YouTubers to drive traffic towards the pre-order sales of The Oyster Thief.

  • Researched and applied for various literary awards on Sonia’s behalf.

“As Marketing Manager of the book “The Oyster Thief,” Tapas plays a crucial and leading role in marketing strategy. He is highly experienced in sales and is an excellent communicator and strong team player while also being very pleasant and easy to work with. In all aspects of his work, he demonstrates leadership and a level-headed and creative approach to problem solving. He also manages his time well and multi-tasks effectively, juggling numerous priorities and parties. I recommend him highly for roles that involve resourcefulness, proactivity, and collaboration.” - Sonia Faruqi, critically acclaimed author


May 2018 - Present

I administered the responsive web and mobile redesign for e-desinews.com as the Content and Brand Editor for Desi News Corporation. Through the utilization of Facebook ads, MailChimp newsletters, and SEO through Google Adwords, I created a compelling and engaging web presence, increasing online readership and interest in advertising opportunities by 200% as compared to the previous online editions.

  • Increased community feedback by 60% through the use of in-article comment sections.

  • Freelance photographer assisting in cover story shoots in a variety of settings ranging from portrait to lifestyle, travel to studio.


May 2018 - Present

I assisted in the creation and creative direction of tejaseaswarphotography.com. By utilizing targeted Facebook Ads, a captivating Instagram account, and SEO through Google AdWods, I created a compelling and engaging web presence for my client.

  • Increased both interest and business for my client by 400% as compared to his previous word-of-mouth business strategy.



Bachelor of Environmental Studies
2009 - 2013


Professional Post-Grad Certificate in Human Resources Management
2018 - Present