experienced manager & human resources coordinator

With more than four years of comprehensive management and human resources experiences, Tapas has proven himself to be a versatile and results driven professional with experience in developing exceptional relationships with clients, staff, and senior management. With his superb leadership abilities and personnel management skills, along with a strong expertise in policy, Tapas has shown an ability to adapt to evolving trends in the industry. He is a dedicated professional with the drive and necessary skill-set to excel in a fast-paced leadership role enhancing a company's ability to recruit, train, and develop top-tier talent.

Work experience

Banana republic | Assistant Manager

December 2016 - Present

  • Creates a compelling product and visual merchandising story for our customers
  • Oversees the recruitment, selection, and development for all new staff and management
  • Recruited, selected, and developed two full-time managers into their respective roles to drive our sales, customer email interactions, and operational capabilities
  • Administered training for staff to provide superior customer service to our clients
  • Ensures timely distribution of all new policy and procedural updates to staff and management
  • Administered budget and payroll expectations to ensure store profitability
  • Manages weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales expectations and drives the team to exceed those targets
  • Creates schedules two weeks in advance for a 30+ member team, utilizing all reports and planning calendars to ensure proper sales floor and operational coverage
  • Created several store-specific documents to track sales progress, staff productivity, and staff training levels which are now implemented district-wide
  • Implemented best safety practices as the management member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee and reduced overall store incidents and usage of first-aid products by 60%
  • Maintains adequate ordering of supplies to reduce risk and manage customer expectations
  • Assisted in the store’s community outreach program which contributed over 100+ volunteer hours in 2017

Sonia Faruqi "the oyster thief" | marketing manager

July 2018 - Present

  • Researched, selected, and contacted various venues for Sonia to host speaking engagements across Canada and the United States
  • Selected and recruited sponsors and partners to help with the promotion of her novel, The Oyster Thief

Desi news corporation | content & brand voice editor

May 2018 - Present

  • Administered the responsive redesign of e-desinews.com and canadabountimmigrant.com
  • Created a compelling and engaging web presence utilizing Facebook ads, Mailchimp newsletters sent out to several thousand recipients each month, and SEO through Google AdWords
  • Increased online readership and interest in advertising opportunities by 200% as compared to the previous online editions

TEjas easwar photography | online editor

May 2018 - Present

  • Assisted in the creative direction and creation of tejaseaswarphotography.com
  • Created a compelling and engaging web presence utilizing targeted Facebook Ads, a captivating Instagram account, and SEO through Google AdWords, increasing both interest and business for my client by 400%



Bachelor in Environmental Studies
2009 - 2013

York university

Professional Certificate in Human Resources Management
2018 - 2020


Human Resources Management • Team leadership • Polished research and writing skills • Budget and payroll administration • Risk analysis and management • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office suite, iWork, and Google Docs • Thorough knowledge of several HRMS programs such as Taleo Passport Framework, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn Talent, Greenhouse, Jobvite, and Zoho Recruit • Strong organizational and communication skills • Experience on-boarding, training, and out-processing of staff and management • Highly proficient in staff management and communications platforms such as Shyft, Slack, and Trello • Comprehensive expertise of social media tools to support engagement and campaign promotions such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Drip