My #EverydayCarry

Back when I would frequent some of Gawker's better blogs, sites like Gizmodo and Lifehacker, I'd love when they'd run this recurring feature called, "What's In My Bag?" They'd sometimes have users submit their bags, and what they'd carry on an everyday basis, and sometimes it'd be a well known person showcasing what they use on an everyday basis.

That spawned a site called Everyday Carry, and at first, it started off in a very similar vein as Lifehacker's. Now however, it's turned into this ultra macho entity, in which every single upload has to feature some sort of rugged rope and knife. That made me ask the question, who actually uses rugged ropes and knives on an everyday basis? Unless you're working outside or in a field that needs it, it's not exactly a necessity?

In any case, I decided that I wanted to show what I carry around on an everyday basis, and while it may be boring, I don't need a bag for any of these items - they all fit in my pockets or somewhere on my physical body.

So let's start this off with something that I think is actually useful to have, at least more than a knife.


If you're like me, then you have perpetually dry lips. It's not for a lack of hydration either - it's just something that we have to deal with. This is where Chapstick, or lip balm, becomes essential. I've tried numerous kinds, from the Burt's Bees brand to the egg shaped nonsense. The one that I keep coming back to however, is the mint flavoured OG Chapstick brand. For whatever reason, it's the only one that seems to work well.

Car Key Fob

This one's pretty self explanatory, however, I do wish I could cut this one out entirely, and have it added to the next item on this list, but seeing as my car needs it to function, it'll have to remain in my pocket right next to my Chapstick.

KeySmart Key Holder

So this is probably the one item of mine that turns the most heads. After years of having my keys dangling loose, and moving around all the time, I got sick of having to constantly figure out which key does what. After a couple of weeks searching online, I discovered the KeySmart Key Holder. It's basically a switchblade style holder for all your keys - work, home, and USB. With this, I know immediately which key I'm using, because I know exactly where it is inside the holder. As someone who strives for maximum efficiency, this thing has saved me a lot of fumbling around with my keys time. Seriously, it's awesome.

Minimal Wallet

About two years ago, I was getting dinner with a friend of mine. I pulled out my chunky $10 wallet from Walmart, and he was shocked. He pulled out his, and we compared the two. He was carrying at the time, 5 cards. I had 27. At the time, I didn't think it was possible to cut out 22 card from my wallet - I used them all! But he made me realize, I don't, or least not every single day. After switching from the chunky wallet, to a Bellroy Card Sleeve, to this one my girlfriend bought me from Fossil, I'm now down to four cards. Four. My debit, credit, driver's license, and health card. Really, you don't need any more than that, and if you do, you can store all of your loyalty cards on your phone now with numerous apps like Stocard. The only downside to such a minimal wallet is that I have no more than three minor heart attacks every day when I think I've lost it, mostly because I can't feel it in my back pocket.


If I leave my house without my watch, I feel naked and wholly incomplete for the rest of the day. I've been wearing a watch every single day since I turned 10, and I don't think that'll ever really change. Personally, for me, I prefer the look and feel of a leather band over a metal one. Sure, it's not the most comfortable in the summer time, and I do have a wicked watch tan, but I don't care. Having a watch is as much a part of who I am now as wearing glasses is.


Ever since I was eight, I've been wearing glasses. Everyone in my family does -  we just have bad eyes. I've never tried contacts, and I never will. It's just the idea of having to stick something into your eye that really grosses me out. Seriously, I just can't do it. Glasses are a part of who I am now, and much like wearing a watch, I'm always going to wear glasses. That is until the make it so that laser eye surgery actually gives you laser eyes. Pew pew.


My phone of choice is the Google Nexus 6P. It's Google's flagship Android device for 2016, and with the recent rumours of the Nexus name going away, it might be the last Nexus phone we ever see. It's become my primary computing device. Don't get me wrong, I love my laptop, but my phone is where it's at. It has all my contacts, emails, calendars (granted, those are all synced to my Google account), music, podcasts, and then some. It's how I communicate with my friends, and interact with the world. That, and while I love my DSLR (a Nikon D3200), sometimes I genuinely prefer the shots I get from my Nexus 6P more. I mean, they do say that the best camera is the one that you have on you, and while I don't always have my Nikon, I always have my 6P on me.